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Your foolish policy is inviting anarchy- Frank Nweke to Tinubu



Your foolish policy is inviting anarchy- Frank Nweke to Tinubu

A former Minister of Information, Frank Nweke Jnr, has said ex-president Buhari whipped citizens with cane, but President Tinubu is whipping citizens with scorpion, liking the current president to biblical Rehoboam.


Nweke said the policies of the present administration showed it had no plan of ameliorating the hardship caused by ex-president, Muhammadu Buhari administration, but adding more.


Frank said the foolish and poorly thought-out policies of both the federal government and the state government would attract nothing short of anarchy.


He said the citizens like the Israelites under Rehoboam are being pushed to their limit of endurance and would likely fight back.


He said on Friday, June 21, while reacting to a video that trended on social media, which showed citizens carting away meats from a spoilt truck.


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In allusion, he narrated, “The overall attitude of the FGN and State governments and the regime of harsh economic policies that are churned out daily is reminiscent of the reign of King Rehoboam of Israel as narrated in 1 Kings 12:1-19 NKJV.


“The people of Israel had approached Rehoboam, who had succeeded his father, King Solomon, and requested that he should consider introducing new measures to ameliorate the considerable hardship they suffered under his father.


“Rehoboam sought and received counsel from his peers who had become his new advisers and subsequently returned to inform his citizens that rather than ameliorate their suffering, he would scourge them with scorpions in place of whips deployed under his late father, Solomon.


“The response by the people was swift – a rebellion, leading to anarchy and a division of the kingdom as the Israelites chose to ‘return to their tents’.”


The former All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) governorship candidate warned the federal government against neglecting the suffering of the masses.


“The hardship under the previous administration pales in comparison to the suffering of Nigerians today – a case of scorpions in place of whips. The President and Governors, political kings of the country must realize the danger of Nigerians ‘returning to their tents’. Anarchy sits patiently at the end of foolish counsel, ill-informed policy choices and misgovernance,” Frank said.


He advised to avoid anarchy pro-poor policies must be made to address the rising hunger and economic hardship the citizens face. He said ego-tripping, haphazard policies and pain-inducing directives from the government would lead to anarchy.


“To avoid a descent into anarchy, ego-tripping, haphazard policies, pain-inducing directives, and self-aggrandizing leadership must give way to pro-poor policies, holistic solutions, and empathetic governance,” he added.