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National Anthem: lifetime presidency law for Tinubu underway



Aisha, Obi supporters are toxic than Atiku supporters- Onanuga

Concerns have been raised that the rush by senators and reps in passing the revert to the old national anthem law and its assent may be testing the water for lifetime presidency law for Tinubu underway.


Many Nigerians have raised voices, though online, against the law that has legitimized “colonial” anthem as the new national anthem.


Former Minister of Education and co-founder of Transparency International, Oby Ezekwesili, had said she would not recite the old national anthem passed by National Assembly. Ezekwesili lambasted members of the Red and Green Chambers for preferring national anthem law to enacting laws that would address economic and security challenges ravaging citizens.


Also, Professor Chidi Odinkalu, former Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, said he would on all occasions recite the “Arise O’ compatriots” national anthem, enacted by Nigeria and not the “colonial” “Nigeria we hail thee” passed into law by National Assembly.


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“I will not sing any national anthem that calls me a native and says I’m a tribal… I will not sing it under any circumstance, under penalty of imprisonment, I will not. My patriotism does extend to singing nonsense,” Professor Odinkalu said.


Human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu, in reaction to the new national anthem, warned that the rush with which National Assembly members passed the law for the old national anthem should be of serious concern to Nigerians.


The former member of Obi/Datti Campaign Organization said National Assembly headed by Senator Akpabio tested the microphone for draconian laws that may be passed with the national anthem law. She added that the National Assembly would keep Nigerians occupied and pass lifetime presidency law.


“It is not necessarily about the National Anthem. It is about the draconian, dictatorial and obnoxious laws that can be passed while we are focused on the carnage. The National Anthem law is just a testing of the mic. They will keep us occupied and pass lifetime presidency law,” Aisha wrote on her X (formerly) Twitter handle.