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I stand with the people of Kenya – Simi



I stand with the people of Kenya - Simi

Simisola Bolatito Kosoko, known by her stage name, Simi, has put her weight behind Kenyan Gen Z demanding good governance and an end to Finance Bill 2024.


Kenyan youths last week took to the streets of Nairobi to demand that the parliament did not pass the 2024 Finance Bill which would increase taxation on every economic sector of the East African country.


Though the Kenyan President, William Ruto, has succumbed to the demand of the youths – who are mostly between the age cycle of 19 to 30 – reports of police shootings and deaths of the protesters have remained high.


Lending her voice to the Kenyan youths, Duduke crooner, Simi. said, “I stand with the people of Kenya. It is both powerful and heartbreaking for a people to have to fight and die for freedoms and rights. Godspeed and Strength.”


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Simi said the reactions from Kenyan youths showed the citizens have had enough and decided to fight back. “When you’ve had enough, the fight is almost inevitable,” she added.


The Songwriter and activist said it was regrettable that Africa has human and natural resources but citizens of Africa may not likely thrive until they run to Western countries because of bad leadership.


“I can’t wait for the day Africa is not a weapon fashioned against Africans. All of this amazing Black power and human resource, but the majority are not likely to thrive unless they run,” Simi added.