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Governor of Ebonyi, Nwifuru Under Fire For Gifting 14 Suvs Cars To Catholic Priests



Governor Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru of Ebonyi State is currently under fire for gifting 14 SUVs cars to newly ordained Catholic Priests in the State.

Governor Nwifuru’s generosity comes despite the prevailing economic difficulties and Ebonyi State’s struggles with poverty, as reflected in its low ranking on the poverty index.

In a statement released by the National Youth Leader of The All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Comr Onyebuchi Chukwu, (Delaw) questioned how how spending over 800million on buying 14 SUV’s to the religious leaders who already drive in SUVs improve the economy of Ebonyi State?

He further asked Governor Nwifuru not use Ebonyi Money for disco while our youths perish under the hot sun Hawking for survival.

He said Nwifuru should apply scale of preferences in the use of Ebonyi tax payers money.

According to him, “the acceptance that Gov. Nwifuru’s government enjoyed from Inception was as a result of the rejection of the government of his predecessor for his brutality and other tyrannical manifestations at the tail of his government. Gov Nwifuru should not forget in a hurry that the masses rejected him in the past elections because of the man presenting him to Ebonyi people. He wasn’t the object of the rejection but his godfather who was rejected for chasing shadows of infrastructure while the fire of hunger burns his house, beautifying the streets and uglifying the people. Gov Nwifuru must not tow this path, if not he will face the same fate. It’s too early to start working for the next election, it’s still time to work for the people.”

“Let me not talk about the airline in the pipeline but how does spending over 800million on buying 14 SUV’s to the religious leaders who already drive in SUVs improve the economy of Ebonyi State? How does it improve the life of an average Ebonyian? How does it attract investments to Ebonyi state? How does it create business friendly environment for small business owners of Ebonyi. How does it take away the poor Ebonyi hawker off the streets. How does it cushion the effect or alleviate the excruciating poverty ravaging our local inhabitants.”

“He should focus on impressing Ebonyi masses and not the elites. We have suffered service of the eyes from his predecessor and may not survive the hunger that it brought to the state for another eight years. Should he continue with the path that his predecessor followed, we will soon have a beautiful state with ugly citizens, rich state with poor citizens etc. Let the governor invest meaningfully and get Ebonyians fruitfully engaged.”