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Gov Umo releases 4.755bn to clear pensions, gratuities



Gov Umo releases 4.755bn to clear pensions, gratuities

Akwa-Ibom State Governor, Umo Eno, has approved four billion, seven hundred and fifty-five million to clear the pensions and gratuities owed civil servants and primary school teachers.


According to Governor Umo, the amount would also cater for wardrobe allowance of teachers in the state, bonus for public service workers, primary school teachers’ leave allowance and scholarship for the state’s indigenes in Nigeria College of Aviation Technology.


Former chairmen and their deputies of local government areas would also benefit from the  N4.755 billion fund.


Umo said he was committed to fulfilling his campaign promises to improve education and health care in the state.


Pastor Eno said of the N4.755 billion, N2.3 billion would be for retired state civil servants, primary school teachers and local government workers. N1.1 billion would be paid to 20,000 teachers as one-off wardrobe allowance. N1 billion bonus would be paid to public service workers. N104 million would be paid to primary school teachers “as the first tranche payment for the 2024 primary school teachers’ Leave Grant”.


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Also, N79 million would be paid to the Nigeria College of Aviation Technology for Akwa-Ibom State citizens on scholarship in the school.


“N172 million” would be paid “as severance gratuity for former local government council Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen” who served from 2018 to 2022.


Umo said, “I’m excited to announce another step in fulfilling my campaign promises, especially in improving the well-being of our civil servants and promoting education and skill development, a key component of the ARISE Agenda.”


“This release aligns with our ongoing initiatives, like the Arise Compassionate Homes, palliative care for the elderly, free medical outreach, and interest-free loans to traders. Our commitment remains steadfast in providing for our people and ensuring progress across all sectors,” he added.