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Democracy is not working for the poor, Fulani, but politicians- Kadaria



Democracy is not working for the poor, Fulani, but politicians- Kadaria

Kadaria Ahmed, a veteran journalist, has said poor Nigerians are not benefitting from democracy.


Kadaria said while Nigerian workers live in poverty and many Nigerians cannot feed on $2 (about N2,500) a day politicians live in luxury.


Speaking as one of the discussants in the 25th Democracy Day Symposium, Kadaria Ahmed, human rights activist, said many Nigerians are living in poverty. She questioned the decision of Nigeria Governors’ Forum in their statement that governors cannot pay N60,000 minimum wage if approved.


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Kadaria said while governors regret a living wage for workers who are living in poverty, they drive in SUV cars. She further asked if the governors cannot reduce their luxury life for the citizens life to come up.


Speaking on returning to regional government, Ahmed warned that any restructuring should be done without ethnic division as reason. She said the Fulani ethnic group has been profiled due to activities of criminal herdsmen and bandits.


Kadaria said if the gunmen terrorizing South East and Boko Haram populated by Kanuri people have not been profiled along with their ethnic people, it was wrong to profile the Fulani ethnic group due to bandits’ activities. She called on politicians to put the citizens in priority in the democratic journey.